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Episode 24: 19 January 2011

In which we flit over the first shortlist of the year and some charitable links, sweep though a fortnight of culture consumed, and then leap with both feet into the pet subject of Inside Indie Press.  


BSFA Awards Shortlists http://vectoreditors.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/2010-bsfa-awards-shortlists-2/

QLD Flood fundraisers for writers & readers: After the Rain: http://bit.ly/AtRFloods Authors for Queensland auction http://authorsforqueensland.wordpress.com QWC appeal launches Saturday, on Twitter at @writersonrafts

What Culture Have we Consumed? Tansy: no books for me, shockingly! More Big Finish audio plays. (http://tansyrr.com/tansywp/no-end-in-sight-for-big-finish/ http://tansyrr.com/tansywp/science-fiction-on-the-radio/) Alex: Agatha H and the Airship City, Phil and Kaja Foglio (http://randomalex.net/2011/01/14/smellink-verra-nize-indeed/); Transformation Space, Marianne de Pierres; Dust, Elizabeth Bear (http://randomalex.net/2011/01/18/dust-by-elizabeth-bear/); two stories from James Tiptree’s Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (spoilery discussion at http://dreamsandspeculation.com/2011/01/15/january-tiptree-discussion/); The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss (http://randomalex.net/2011/01/19/the-name-of-the-wind/). Also begun a rewatch of BSG... Alisa: No Ordinary Family, Dexter season 5

(diversion on the subject of Whether Alisa Should Watch Doctor Who)

Pet Subject: Inside Indie Press Big news in TPP space is the closure of Speakeasy.

Is there an obvious point at which a project becomes a non-viable project? How do you know that you're ditching a project just because the stories don't fit your particular idea/viewpoint?

The older books are harder to use as examples because lots of things about them were learning. Horn - first to break even BUT i got caught on the selling to bookstores so i ended up having to sell 80% of the print run after review and buzz copies (1/4 of the print run) to break even.

Pay scales, writing contracts, competing with the US indies...

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Episode 23: 5 January 2011

In which we greet a brand new year with discussion about digital media, awards, books, feminism, feedback, more books, anti-heroes, gender roles and take a look at what to look forward to in 2011.


Follow up on the Jewish fantasy discussion by Rachel Swirsky: http://blog.42scifi-fantasy.com/2010/12/chanukah-day-7-guest-post-by-rachel.html

Locus to go digital with issue #600 http://www.locusmag.com/Magazine/Digital.html

Launch of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, new critical zine with focus on women’s work http://www.thecsz.com/

The i09 Power List: 20 people who rocked SF & Fantasy in 2010 http://io9.com/5719944/

Carl Brandon Awards: Hiromi Goto and Justine Larbalestier http://www.carlbrandon.org/awards.html

Hugo nominations open - last year’s members of Aussiecon 4, don’t forget you’re eligible to nominate! http://www.renovationsf.org/hugo-intro.php

Feedback: Kaia, Kathryn & Thoraiya

What Culture Have we Consumed? [AND what culture are you most looking forward to consuming in 2011?] Alisa: Fringe Season 3, Dexter Season 4, Being Erica (ep 1), Nurse Jackie, How I Met Your Mother, reading Managing Death Looking forward to: LSS 2011 Alex: Zombies vs Unicorns, ed. Larbalestier and Black; Factotum, book 3 of Monster Blood Tattoo, by DM Cornish; Dervish House, Ian McDonald; The Killing Thing, Kate Wilhelm; Surface Detail, Iain M Banks. Looking forward to: Blue Remembered Earth (probably), by Alastair Reynolds; books 2&3 of The Creature Court, Tansy Rayner Roberts; the 2011 Women in SF Book Club; Bold as Love sequence (Gwyneth Jones); Twelve Planets (from Twelfth Planet Press). Tansy: Wiped, Richard Molesworth;  The Doctor Who Christmas Special!  The Gene Thieves & the Norma, Ascendant, Diana Peterfreund, Big Finish Podcast Looking forward to: Doctor Who and Fringe (SHOCK, I know), Sherlock, Torchwood, The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan, Burn Bright by M. de Pierres.

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