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New episode up! Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site. EPISODE 32

In which we bid farewell to Joanna Russ, talk e-publishing (again) and Alisa reads a real live actual book. With bonus raving about Doctor Who and Alistair Reynolds - in other words, another episode of Galactic Suburbia.


On Joanna Russ: Making Light Broad Universe Samuel Delaney interviews Joanna Russ Aqueduct Press

Barb & Jenny on e-publishing Part 1 Part 2

Book Country launched by Penguin USA Jim Hines on Book Country Ellen Datlow on the role of the short story editor, at Book Country

Brimstone Press closing

Shaun Tan named judge for Illustrators of the Future

What Culture Have we Consumed? Alisa: Madigan Mine, Kirstyn McDermott, Fringe Season 3 Alex: Deep State, Walter Jon Williams; Shattered City, and Love and Romanpunk, Tansy Rayner Roberts; Pushing Ice, Alastair Reynolds; Troubletwisters, Garth Nix and Sean Williams. Tansy: Doctor Who & Big Finish audio plays. The Eighth Doctor Adventures.


Announcing upcoming Spoilerific Book Club on Joanna Russ with particular focus on The Female Man, How To Suppress Women’s Writing and short story “When it Changed.” Read along with us!

Galactic Chat interviews Glenda Larke

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