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Summary of 2011

Here are summaries of Galactic Suburbia's episodes from 2011, with links:

Episode 23: 5 January 2011 In which we greet a brand new year with discussion about digital media, awards, books, feminism, feedback, more books, anti-heroes, gender roles and take a look at what to look forward to in 2011.

Episode 24: 19 January 2011 In which we flit over the first shortlist of the year and some charitable links, sweep though a fortnight of culture consumed, and then leap with both feet into the pet subject of Inside Indie Press.

Episode 25: 2 February 2011 In which we hit and run the Locus Recommended Reading List, tackle e-books and piracy, and delve into the knotty issue of religion in science fiction.

Episode 26: 23 February 2011 In which Tansy and Alex soldier on womanfully without their lost comrade, to catch up on three weeks of publishing news, the Nebulas, books, books, and more books, and tackle the crunchy pet subject of Australian SFF Publishing in its entirety: how do Australian specfic readers get their books?  Who publishes them and how do we buy them?

Episode 27: 9 March 2011 In which there is cake, cake and more cake - we discuss the year that was Galactic Suburbia One, authorial in crowds, gender bias, and announce our exciting new project.

Episode 28: 22 March 2011 In which we keep celebrating our birthday, take in the Lambdas and the Tiptree, and did we mention there are Galactic Suburbia T-SHIRTS now???

Episode 29: 6 April 2011 In which we rant about feminist issues and gender disparity (are you shocked?), Alisa proclaims the death of bookstores and publishing, we look at branding and internet dramah, plus a million zillion award shortlists, TANSY BEING A TIPTREE JUDGE, a Swancon preview, and... um.  It’s a bit long. But full of crunchy Galactic Suburbian goodness.

Episode 30: 24 April 2011 Swancon 36 Edition In which we talk convention gossip, awards, go through piles and piles of reading for Tansy and Alex, while Alisa patiently explains her position on ebooks.

Episode 31: 27 April 2011 In which we do a quick (ha) awards round up and squee about the Swancon that was.

Episode 32: 11 May 2011 In which we bid farewell to Joanna Russ, talk e-publishing (again) and Alisa reads a real live actual book.  With bonus raving about Doctor Who and Alistair Reynolds - in other words, another episode of Galactic Suburbia.

Episode 33: 26 May 2011 In which we wax lyrical about awards, short stories and the love of reading.  Because it’s that time of year!

Episode 34: 8 June 2011 In which we surf the wave of feminist SF news that has deluged the internet this fortnight, plus Margaret Brundage, why YA books are allowed to be as dark as they want to be, the Tiptree Award, Connie Willis, were-thylacines, Ted Chiang and Alex finally discovers Bujold...

Episode 35: 23 June 2011 In which “best” becomes “superior,” Pottermore is Pottermeh, one of us wins all the awards, and we visit/revisit classic non-hard works of SF and Fantasy by Bujold, Willis and Pratchett (with bonus Russian fairytales by Valente).

Episode 36: Spoilerific Book Club: Joanna Russ Featuring: "How To Suppress Women's Writing," by Joanna Russ; "The Female Man," by Joanna Russ and "When it Changed," by Joanna Russ

Episode 37: 21 July 2011 In which we discuss the SF Gateway and some great additions to the Women in SF conversation, Alex eats all the Bujold in one bite, and Alisa’s puppy does his very best to oppress us.

Episode 38: 5 August 2011 In which none of your fearless podcasters are impregnated by mysterious aliens for the duration of a single episode, nor do any of us experience a rapidly accelerated pregnancy or give birth to an otherworldly demon/alien/vampire. Also: Batgirl, Bujold and a cranky feminist rant or two.

Episode 39: 18 August 2011 In which we defend Mary Sues everywhere, point at superheroes with their pants down, plan a Hugo Twitterparti and reveal which of the three of us is secretly a hardcore horror fan. But most importantly, Alex is watching Blake's 7 completely unspoiled and she loves Avon the best, hooray!

Episode 40: 1 September 2011 In which we hug the Hugos, plug the Stella, lament the loss of the Weird Tales team, and contemplate (briefly) our podcasterly mid-life crisis. Alex delves into the wonderful world of classic cyberpunk, and Tansy demands to know why on earth Alisa is still watching Doctor Who if she doesn’t actually like it?

Episode 41: 6 September 2011 Spoilerific Book Club: Hunger Games It's the trilogy that put dystopia into YA and not only kicked Harry Potter and Twilight off the bestseller charts, but also shot them between the eyes with a crossbow.  While they were stung by wasps. Tansy and Alisa are spoiling the hell out of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins.  Listener beware, the first rule about the Spoilerific Book Club is... WE SPOIL STUFF. Please only listen to this podcast if you have read the books in question, plan never to read the books in question, or really truly don't mind spoilers.  Also, towards the end, we get pretty spoilery about Harry Potter too.  It's relevant!  Mostly.

Episode 42: 14 September 2011 In which we discuss Orson Scott Card's Hamlet, the agent who said no way to gay YA, Tansy's Blake's 7 dolls, the superhero who fights with her hair, and Alisa works through her issues with Doctor Who.

Episode 43: 29 September 2011 In which Alisa and Tansy look at crimes against superheroines in the DC Universe, the good and the bad of the companions' journeys in Doctor Who, and why we love Olivia Dunham and her gun. We also plug our own books (yes really!), Tansy is still reading comics, and Alisa confesses that e-books have broken her brain. No, seriously, she's broken now.

Episode 44: 13 October 2011 In which we fight crime, rail against derailing and read a million books.

Episode 45: 27 October 2011 In which Alex and Tansy wax lyrical about Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing (despite knowing next to nothing about it), welcome the new Apex overlord Lynne Thomas, celebrate the twin dawns of All Hallows Read and Nanowrimo, and embark upon an epic marathon of Culture Consumed.

Episode 46: 10 November 2011 In which we celebrate the World Fantasy Awards, take on the Kickstarter phenomenon and why people like to support authors/artists directly, Alex is betrayed by Isobelle Carmody, Alisa still can’t finish Tansy’s novel, and we indulge in a feedback frenzy.

Episode 47: 24 November 2011 In which we bid farewell to the queen of dragons, squee about 48 years of Doctor Who, dissect the negative associations with "girly" fandoms such as Twilight, and find some new favourites in our reading pile.

Episode 48: 8 December 2011 In which we save the Tasmanian Devils, take on the Classics, review cars, discover that toy fandom exists, plan to read LOTS of Australian women writers, and Wonder Woman still doesn't have pants.

Episode 49: 20 December 2011 Spoilerific Book Club: Yarn by Jon Armstrong Welcome to Galactic Suburbia’s spoilerific book club for 20 December, 2011. This time we’re tackling Yarn, by Jon Armstrong. It is totally full of spoilers. Please only listen to this podcast if you’ve read the book, plan never to read the book, or really and truly don’t mind spoilers.

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