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In which the boob window is explained. Don't say we're not educational!


Drink Tank loves us! Download their Hugo shortlist commentary here.

Mondy loves us too! He makes us go awww.

James Tiptree Jr finally in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and about time too.

Talking to Alistair Reynolds: he refutes the idea that science fiction has a limited number of plots

Locus Award Finalists

Clarke Award

Women in (Japanese) Comics: Cheryl Morgan reports; Anime News Network Some kickstarter stuff: Feminist Historical Anthology from Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

Scalzi on Amanda Palmer and how she worked hard for 10 years to get her "overnight success"

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alisa: We Wuz Pushed by Brit Mandelo Alex: Castles Made of Sand, Gwyneth Jones; Captain America; The Avengers; Confusion of Princes, Garth Nix Tansy: A Confusion of Princes, Garth Nix; The Avengers; Earth 2 & World’s Finest; Ishtar

Tansy's Note: "I do not mourn the boob window" is a classic line that should be long remembered and oft repeated - but Cheryl Morgan said it first! I only steal from the best...

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