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galactic suburbia award

THE GALACTIC SUBURBIA AWARD for activism and/ or communication that advances the feminist conversation in the field of speculative fiction in 2012. Listen to the podcast discussing the winner and list.

WINNER: Elizabeth Lhuede (@elizabethlhuede) for the creation of the Australian Women Writers Challenge and her tireless efforts in contributing to the conversation about gender disparity in literature and criticism.


Kirstyn McDermott (@fearofemeralds) for creation of the 'female stick figure' concept and the surrounding discussion about gender defaults.

Julia Rios (@omgjulia) for the Outer Alliance podcast, and her ongoing activism and outreach efforts towards 'changing the conversation.'

Genevieve Valentine (@GLValentine) for starting the conversation about creepers at conventions and raising awareness about the importance of events having sexual harassment policies they are prepared to stand behind.

Various, for the overall creative, serious and awesome responses to the problematic concept of the "Fake Geek Girl." Internet, this sort of thing is why we love you even when you're bad for us.

Jim C Hines (@jimchines) for Cover Posing For A Good Cause and other important awareness-raising blog discussions.

The Hawkeye Initiative, a Tumblr meme which used artistic expression to demonstrate exactly why so many artistic depictions of women in comics are problematic, with sassy sparkles. (FAQ & The Mary Sue article for added context)

Anita Sarkeesian (@anitasarkeesian) for her TED talk articulating the vengeful online abuse she received in response to her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Kickstarter, and what this says about online culture and gaming culture in particular.

CD (@CDisoriented) for her wonderful blog Culturally Disoriented in which she talks at length about pop culture, social justice, disability and feminism.

Seanan McGuire (@seananmcguire) for "Things I Will Not Do To My Characters. Ever."

Liz Bourke (@hawkwing-lb) for Sleeps With Monsters.

R-, the six-year-old who called out Hasbro for the gender imbalance in her favourite board game, Guess Who.

Geena Davis, for her speech on Gender Inequalities in Television & Why They Matter (plus ongoing activism in this area).

HONOURABLE MENTION (because not SF related):

Our own Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (@JuliaGillard) for the YouTube vid of the speech against sexism which made the whole world believe (however briefly) that Australia must be an amazing feminist country. Whatever else you do during your time in office, Prime Minister Gillard, we will remember this one.

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