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Episode 90: 19 October 2013

kaleidoscopeIn which we present The Subgenre Report. 

Is the concept of subgenres meaningful to readers and writers, or just a marketing trick? 
Which subgenres are OMG so hot right now, and which genre is doing subgenres better than spec fic? 
 In other news, Alisa hurls herself into crowdfunding with the baby clock ticking down to midnight... 
Grimdark as a Young Man's Genre? (do read the comments, seriously, that's where all the crunchy discussion/challenge is) 

Culture Consumed: 
Alisa: Continuum S1, crimeScene convention, plug for Kaleidoscope, Coode St Podcast ep 162 with Rachel Swirsky; Report from Planet Midnight, Nalo Hopkinson 
Tansy: BBC Radio Neverwhere; Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan, Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, The Almighty Johnsons 
Alex: Agents of SHIELD; Star Wars: The Paradise Snare, AC Crispin; Ragnarok, AS Byatt

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