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In which we talk harassment policies, upcoming publishing projects, Hugo reading and more! 

 Update on the Elise Matthesen harassment case from Wiscon 2013. 
 Anna Tambour collection - The Finest Ass in the Universe to be published by Twelfth Planet Press in July 2015 
 Kaleidoscope Table of Contents including Tansy's story Cookie Cutter Superhero 

What Culture Have we Consumed? 
  Alex: finished Fringe; Orphan Black season 2; Europa Report; Hugo reading: finished the novelettes, most of the novellas and shorts. Bikes in Space vol 2 

 Tansy: The Two-Hearted Numbat, Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina; Romanitas by Sophia McDougall, The Machine; The Musketeers; 

 Alisa: ON HOLIDAYS AND ONLY KNIT And Orphan Black, random PhD update of sorts. 
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