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In which we try to fix the world and don't even fix ourselves, but progress is being made (we hope) 

On the World Fantasy Awards

A couple of links to the big recent internet discussion we didn't want to try to explain via podcast:

Laura J Mixon Tessa of Silence Without 

What we talk about instead: general issues arising from recent controversies & discussions

Industry bullying & threatening - why people who threaten to blacklist you probably can't. 

On Being Complicit On Back Channels & the Broken Step Do We Do Enough & What Else Can Be Done? 

What Culture Have we Consumed? 

Tansy: Sleepy Hollow #1 (Noelle Stevenson), Gotham Academy #1, Batgirl 35, Young Avengers: Sidekicks 

Alex: Interstellar; Haven season 3; the Great Rosetta and Philae saga. 
Alisa: We're not even going to tell you, you have to listen. But it is pretty out there. 

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