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In which we tackle aesthetics, astounding name changes, and leave you the Danger Mouse theme tune.




Winter’s Tale Kickstarter fully funded!


Hugo winners: https://locusmag.com/2019/08/2019-hugo-and-campbell-awards-winners/ 

The Campbell Award/Astounding Award, Codes of Conduct, and such: http://file770.com/storm-over-campbell-award/ 



JOANNA RUSS BOOK CLUB: 1:21:15 to 1:49:05


How to Suppress Women’s Writing: Chapter 11


PSA for Australians: Glitch season 3 is on ABC iView, completely. 


No culture this week, too much talking! 


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In light of recent discussions, Julie Phillips has commented on the question of whether or not Alli Sheldon and her husband Ting had a suicide pact, an issue that she felt she was not clear enough about in the final chapters of her biography. https://twitter.com/jcfphillips/status/1168267581708546049


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