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In which “best” becomes “superior,” Pottermore is Pottermeh, one of us wins all the awards, and we visit/revisit classic non-hard works of SF and Fantasy by Bujold, Willis and Pratchett (with bonus Russian fairytales by Valente).


Pottermore announcement to be made during our podcast... http://www.youtube.com/JKRowlingAnnounces

Theodore Sturgeon finalists: http://www.sfawardswatch.com/?p=4340

David Gemmell Awards... http://www.sfawardswatch.com/?p=4358    

NatCon professional guests for next year are Kelly Link and Alison Goodman.

Chronos Awards  :D  http://continuum.org.au/c7/2011-chronos-award-winners/

Sidewise Awards finalists: http://www.sfawardswatch.com/?p=4349

Translation Awards winners: http://www.sfawardswatch.com/?p=4354

Stoker Awards http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2011/06/winners-2010-bram-stoker-awards/

Coode Street Horror Special with Stoker winners Datlow & Straub http://www.jonathanstrahan.com.au/wp/2011/06/18/episode-56-live-with-gary-k-wolfe-ellen-datlow-and-peter-straub/

Gender Spotting Tool - http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20581-genderspotting-tool-could-have-rumbled-fake-blogger.html Naff.

What Culture Have we Consumed? Alisa: Connie Willis’ Passage in progress, the next 3 Twelve Planets. Alex: so much Bujold (Cordelia’s Honor and Young Miles omnibuses... omnibi... whatever http://wp.me/p11HLi-L1, http://wp.me/p11HLi-Ll, http://wp.me/s11HLi-2947), Fly by Night, Frances Hardinge (http://wp.me/p11HLi-Lh), Red Glove, Holly Black. Series 2 of V (reboot) Tansy: Deathless, Catherynne Valente; I Shall Wear Midnight, Terry Pratchett; Wyrd Sisters audiobook, Terry Pratchett/Celia Imrie.

Next Fortnight: Galactic Suburbia’s Spoilerific Book Club Presents: Joanna Russ.  Reading How to Suppress Women’s Writing, The Female Man, “When It Changed.”

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