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In which we feed the feedback, unpack the Hugo packet, and put Jane Austen on a bank note. 

What Caught Our Eye: Twitter... the abuse of Caroline Criado-Perez Chief Commissioner - Have a look at yourself 
Mary Beard Will Tell Your Mum How You Behave on Twitter 

Feedback! We appreciate every email sent to us, even if we very rarely do this thing we are doing, and read them out. But this time we did that thing!
Culture Consumed: 
Alex: Eternal Flame, Greg Egan; the rest of the Alanna books, Tamora Pierce; Pacific Rim 
Tansy: Hugo packet reading - short story, novelette, novella, also Splendid Chaps Seven/Religion , & new social justice pop culture Aussie blog No Award
Alisa: Hugo Packet including novels 

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