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chrome_rollerIn which, Hugos.

Tansy, Alisa and Alex gather only minutes after the Hugo ceremony to discuss the results!

Hugo winners The Stats, Statbadgers! Tansy's Hugo Post 

The Silent Producer apologises for the sound quality on this issue due to recording difficulties.

Culture Consumed: 
Alex: The Adventures of Alyx, Joanna Russ; BSG rewatch yet again; The Memcordist, Lavie Tidhar; Firebugs, Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
Alisa: KickAss 2; Enchanted Glass, Diana Wynne Jones; Ugly, Robert Hoge 
Tansy: Fringe Season 1, Dorian Gray Season 2, Ugly, Robert Hoge 

Plugs: Splendid Chaps Nine/Women, featuring Tansy: September 15 
Glitter & Mayhem released and partying, glitter skate style. 

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